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Posted by bipolarmunkey - 3 weeks ago

So one of my 'resolutions' this year (at least in terms of this site), is to be try and contribute more. I usually stick to the audio portal, but would like to branch out and try my hand at Voice Acting. I admittedly don't have any experience, but am willing to learn and have experience in using microphones for my DAW (not sure what else is really required.)

A couple things about my collaborating experience:

  • I think I'm very easy to get along with and work along side.
  • I try to learn as much as I can and bring my strengths to the project, while learning more to explore my weaknesses.
  • I work for free. I don't care about monetizing my art, I just want people to view it, and hopefully appreciate it.
  • I'm creative, so I think I'm a good person to bounce ideas off of, I have a background in creative writing, I write plenty of song lyrics and have done short stories back in my college days that appeared to be well received.

If you're willing to be patient of my questions, I am more than happy to do my best to full-fill the VA role for any projects you may want. (preferably comedy or something silly, but I'm open to more 'serious' roles)

Feel free to PM me or email me at: bipolarmunkey@gmail.com. Just put something in the subject line to let me know it's Newgrounds related so I don't mistake it for spam, lol.



Posted by bipolarmunkey - August 22nd, 2021

I have been on this site since it was first founded by Tom and Wade Fulp back in the 90's. I've used many different accounts over the years but decided to keep this one and dedicate it to writing/recording my music over the years. I've only recently (in the past 3 or 4 years) really buckled down and started committed myself to production quality and learning about the craft of mixing/mastering Still have a LOOONG way to go but I feel like I've improved a lot over the course of the couple years. BIG thanks to Eclipse Production who has really helped encourage me and help teach me different techniques and plugins. Also I honestly started getting inspired to record my own music by Wahnsinn back years and years ago. So thank you to him for inspiring me.

Anyway, my point of this post is that for the first time ever a submission of mine (Vehemence) was chosen to be on the Front Page. I know that may not seem like a big deal for most of you, but for me it's like being on cloud nine. I literally keep writing music for 2 reasons these days:

  1. To help me process and deal with life
  2. To hopefully reach new audiences on THIS site.

So the fact that people are finally really noticing my work is like a dream come true for me. I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone and anyone who takes the time to listen to my music.

I'm gonna try and commit myself to being a bigger part of the community/forums to help be a better part of this great site. Thanks again to everyone!