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Guitarist, music and arts lover. I respect any form of creative outlet and am currently striving to better myself at audio production!

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Posted by bipolarmunkey - September 25th, 2018

Finally buckled down and bought a good DAW to record better quality music. Looking to learn more about mixing and mastering music. I know it’ll take awhile but I’m hoping to get good at it. I have tons of material to work with over the 20+ years I’ve been playing music, just need to select and record a few songs I’m proud of to present to the world!


Posted by bipolarmunkey - May 20th, 2018

Posted by bipolarmunkey - September 24th, 2016

It's been about 2 years but I'm back posting stuff for you guys to check out in the audio portal!

Posted by bipolarmunkey - June 24th, 2014

So my band has an upcoming full album release in the next month or so. Please feel free to check us out:



Posted by bipolarmunkey - August 12th, 2013

So I just realized it's been almost 2 years since I've made a 'post' so I figured I'd update some stuff (for those that care lol). I've recently been putting out some newer stuff and I hope you guys can find some time to check it out and review it.

I will be making a return to the audio portal with some reviews of my own as my time allows. A lot of great new artists out there I'd like to follow! Thanks for those that have taken the time to review and listen to my stuff. I appreciate it!

- Mike

Posted by bipolarmunkey - November 27th, 2011

So for those that have followed my music or just happen to stumble upon some of it in the AP, I plan on submitting something a little different soon. A melodic melody in guitar solo form. Nothing intense or too fast. Just a little change of pace for me. Hope you guys will check it out once it's submitted.

Thanks for listening!


Posted by bipolarmunkey - October 18th, 2011

So I haven't posted ANYTHING in what seems like forever, BUT that doesn't mean I haven't been writing like crazy. I've written several new songs, but have been waiting for something I'm truly proud and happy with. Finally I have one! A metal song called, "Running Blind" is in the works. I hope some people are excited for this like I am. I can't wait to share with you guys!


Posted by bipolarmunkey - May 31st, 2011

Just a quick note to encourage people to check out my newest song, "Goodnight, Goodbye". Hopefully you all with like it.

Posted by bipolarmunkey - March 12th, 2011

So for those who care, I posted up a new song today. Called, "Truth Be Told". If any of you would take the time to check it out and review it for me, that would be awesome!

It was thrown together rather quickly, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.

Truth Be Told

Posted by bipolarmunkey - January 23rd, 2011

So if you've read my first post, you'd know that my band was going to play a show with the national act, Adema. Well last night was the show and it went great! Our Set List included 2 NEW songs and a cover of Saliva's "Survival of the Sickest". The crowd response was great! Especially when we KILLED the cover. Best we've ever played it!

First things first, the guys from Adema are the most down to Earth guys you will ever meet. Very cool and very chill. We hung out upstairs in the Artists Lounge and just talked music for almost an hour before we went on. They said they liked our set and wished us the best of luck and whatnot.

Our singer got to sing 'Giving In" with them upstairs which was a pretty cool experience for him. Just a side note: the boys from Adema are fucking tall as shit, lol. Our singer is 6' and he looked UP to them. Literally!

As for the rest of the bands, all the groups did extremely well and the ones I've played with in the past, well it was great to share the stage with them again. The place was packed and just about sold out. One of the best experiences of my life and we're already talking with our booking agents about playing with another national touring band in March or April.

Thank you for taking the time read this! I'll have videos up soon on our youtube page.

ADEMA - After The Show