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Killer composition and playing! Going in my favorites for sure, can't wait for the final version!

KrinnValKhristi responds:

You are my favorite too.

Love this one too! I only wish that kick was more beefy. But overall, this is a killer track!

ProjectSoary responds:

Thank you! I was afraid the beef was going to be too thick because it damn near killed my DAW. So I shaved off some of that beef. But it's true... There's never enough beef. I'm glad you like it!

Loving this one!

ProjectSoary responds:

Damn I totally missed this comment! Thanks for listening to and commenting on this one too! Greatly appreciated. Making me blush with all these comments.

Beautiful song!

Nice! Very relaxing.

Sounds really good. Well composed for sure! My only advice (and take this with a grain of salt because I'm still learning too) is parallel compress your drums. It'll give it more 'beef' and overall stand out in the mix better. If you're not sure how to do that, hmu in a PM or check out a tutorial on youtube. I also use GGD and that's really helped bring it out in the mix. Overall, great playing, great song, looking forward to what you do next!

Daveisgr81 responds:

Thanks mate, and thanks for the review and for listening and for the advice! I appreciate it.

I did some parallel compression through the drum bus in my 'alternative' mix. I think I'd made some problems for myself by compressing other elements of the sound in the recording process, and once I'd removed these I no longer liked the mix as much (even though I recognised issues in this mix... so I do think parallel compression is the way forward!).

I also found that parallel compression helped the sound 'breathe' more... but I also found that I couldn't get the overall volume of my mix to an intense enough level... and I'm not sure why! Basically, next mix I'm going to record almost everything dry and then build it from the ground up (starting with the drums!). I think if I restrict compression to buses from the outset (and keep it parallel!), I might not run into as many problems.

Sounds pretty cool, maybe bring your master down a bit, it sounds and looks like you're clipping alot.

ArsenicTeaParty responds:

It does sound like that, and I definitely slammed this track into the ceiling, but the harmonic distortion you hear is actually from the drum samples. They were already crispy/fuzzy from the beginning.

Not usually my scene, but this has a certain energy to it that I really like. Great job!

SomeGuyMusic responds:


Sounds absolutely killer! Love the melody on this one! Great work!

Gritty guitar tone. Sounds great, nice vocals too!

LexRodent responds:

Glad you like it , thanks for listening.

LuckyDee responds:

Cheers man, you'll probably recognize the feeling that it could have been even better, which definitely applies to me for the vocal takes, but I'm proud of the result nonetheless. If you want to do a collab featuring my voice, don't hesitate to hit me up!

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