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This is amazing!

I love the atmosphere in this one. It ebbs and flows very beautifully. Excellent work!

SpeedoRH responds:

Thank you so much man! Atmosphere was my biggest focus on this song, so your kind words have really reassured me.

Thx again! <3

Hell yea dude! Glad to see you posting stuff again! I was with a group of friends and told them, 'I haven't heard this yet, but I know it's gonna be a banger' We were not disappointed!

EclipseProduction responds:

Hell yeah! This is one of my personal faves.

I don't have the words...I lack the poetry of language to explain why I like this so much. But I just do. 5/5 <3

Really cool riffs! I love the guitar tone too. Very gritty but also clear and concise which I love.

Burn7 responds:

Ayyy thanks mate! The guitars are Neural DSP Nolly, I'm suuuuper happy with that plugin. So much better than my old Line 6 stuff.

You're getting there dude. It's always rough first starting out on any insturment. I've probably given up playing guitar at least 4 or 5 times in the last 25 years lol. Stick with it. Looking forward to seeing you progress. Get yourself a DAW when you're ready to start recording and stuff. I use FL Studios and would be happy with help when/if you ever feel like picking it up!

I dig it. Very cool energy to it. Nice job on the mixing too

It is appalling how something so awesome that has been on the FRONT PAGE for a WEEK now, downloaded 30 times, and viewed almost 2,000 times has absolutely NO reviews. Depresses me a bit about this community tbh. So let me be the first. This is killer! Great vocals and nice range, lots of emotion behind the music and vocals. I'm digging it and definitely shooting a follow!

5/5 Well deserved!

dhudson907 responds:

Appreciate your comment - getting a track like this out took a lot of damn hard work writing, recording, and practicing, so it means a lot. Honestly, I love NG but I think the metal scene might be a lil niche at this point - still an honour to be front-paged (twice) though!

We'll have more music coming mid-August, and we should be available on pretty much any streaming service if you'd like to drop us a follow - we also have a killer music video for Passing, Fade Away that you can see on YouTube rn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04LK86yHdfQ

Very good playing! Love the composition. Reminds me a bit of Periphery. Nice work

Bad ass!

Guitarist, songwriter, music and arts lover. I respect any form of creative outlet and am constantly striving to better myself at audio production. Also a free VA if you ever need one

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