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Nice, VERY Contra-esque

awardwinninggardens responds:


This is much more coherent than the last one. Good improvement in quality over the last one. I think I'm not the demographic for this humor though (genital humor is more appealing to my highschool self, lol) But not knocking any stars off for me not being immature enough to find it funny, as my cynicism is not your fault. You definitely would be a great voice actor for alot of animators on here and that's awesome. I would say get out there on the forums and get yourself known! Well done. I scouted you in hopes that will help you get started. Good luck!

Jenital responds:

I'm not really sure who the target audience of this would be either. I'm also 40 years old so I'm probably just too immature for my own good! 😓

I've delayed my voice acting career by doing art myself, though I've always wanted to do more voice work for others.

Thank you for your words of encouragement!! And thank you for scouting me!!!

This is a cool idea, I can see what you're going for on this one. I think with some work you could definitely turn this into a full on banger. Those drums should hit alot a harder in alot of those spots to bring the energy up a bit. Not a bad sound overall, just need to fine-tune it a bit.

What are you using for your drum sounds? The default FL Studio presets or a 3rd party vst? I'm partial for Get Good Drums, but there's alot of good ones out there.

999isalive responds:

Hey thanks a bunch! and appreciate the feedback. I think I hear the spots you mean, where it's pretty out of balance. just kinda hammered it out in a few hours so would definitely be down to revisit it. I used drum fx from Destrogj Komputersoundz. it's a few years old, but does what I need it to. using FL 12 so prolly never gonna see me using the defaults from it. thanks again man :)

Turns out I just didn't know what a VST even was, so definitely appreciate bringing that to my attention. got a ways to go lol

This so damn sick! I love the industrial sounding breaks, that build back up the tension. This song has an incredible energy to it. I get MAD Mick Gordon vibes. Excellent work. Considering this if your first attempt at something like this, I'd be interested in seeing what you could do in the future. Amazing.

YoriYakuza responds:

Thank you! I'm looking into buying the Argent Compressor to really help bring out the power of the guitar. Also going to use more industrial drum kits.

I really love this idea. Great production based on the suggestions given. My ONLY gripe would be the mix, specifically in the beginning. There's like a very annoying 'sub bass'y sound that really stands out and just hurts my ears to listen to. My best guess is that it's coming from the palm muting part, that maybe that low end is up too high or something. If you scooped that low end out of the mix to prevent that wobbly bassy effect, man, I would jam to this song so hard. Great writing all around though.

Side note: Bring those drums up in the mix a bit man! They could cut through so much more that it would bring this to a whole new level!

AceMantra responds:

Hey, thanks for the great review! I agree with the drums being a little weak. I was having a little trouble making them sound more heavy. As for the sub bass, I'll have to look into the root cause of that. Thanks again, I'll keep all that in mind next time.

Sick. God, I absolutely love that lead tone! It's so damn crisp and cuts right though.

DanJohansen responds:

Glad you dig it man :D Yeah put some extra chorus effect on it to make it pop :D

Always improving! Nice work. I love the quality on this one. The little sounds that flare up in certain spots, really add a little something to this and I'm all for it.

SpeedoRH responds:

Hey man! It's great to see you under my music again. To be fair, it's been so long since I have heard this remix that I forgot up until now how it sounded like xD

Also, I wanna take a moment to thank you for getting this frontpaged. It's not the first time you have done me this huge favour. You are the real MVP man!

Again, thank you so much!

I can't understand a word you're saying. So I can't tell if it's funny, stupid, satire, etc, whatever. I would dial back the reverb and maybe annunciate a little more clearly? Maybe this would be better/funnier, in the context with an animation or something, but it just sounded just someone choking for 26 seconds. I'm giving 2.5 stars because I hate giving 0 and since I don't want to discourage anyone from doing doing anything creative, I can only encourage you to keep at it and hopefully the next one will be easier to understand. I hope this helps!

Jenital responds:

The transcript is: "And now it's time to prafram (patois for perform) the precursory ceremonious act of pre-yeeting my jenital. For after I have completed the required ceremony, I will yeet my jenital, fr fr."

If you would prefer listening to a skit of the same individual, may I recommend this one that has much better recording and sound design:


Love this! Great vocals and all around sound! Would you be interested in doing a collab sometime? Would absolutely love to get your vocals on something and would definitely be open to do something instrumental work if you're ever interested.

BeyondOurEyes responds:

Thanks for the love! I'd be down to do guest vocals or something on a track of yours for a small fee, shoot me a message on my official Facebook so we can discuss in more detail!

Really nice work. Love the ebb and flows on this. Nothing too intense, but it draws back just enough to really build a 'story' for the listener. Great job.

HollandAlbright responds:

Thank you so much!

Guitarist, songwriter, music and arts lover. I respect any form of creative outlet and am constantly striving to better myself at audio production. Also a free VA if you ever need one

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