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That intro reminded me of some New Found Glory with some oomph to it. Fucking love this one. Was pleasantly surprised when the gears shifted and the vocals kicked in.

Critterz responds:

New Found Glory is my favorite pop punk band for sure so thanks so much!

I like how this one has a similar feel but is different in it's own way. Besides the vocal melody, I really like how the drums almost clash with the guitars. Like they seem to be off tempo, but they're not. It gives off such a cool vibe that really achieves a good dynamic. Well done!

Critterz responds:

I had to retrack this bastard three times hahaha

I'm only about half way through the song at the point of this review, I think this might be my favorite one so far. Especially reading the lyrics. I don't know what else it is about it, everything just sits so well. The melody and the drums, just every last nuance seems perfectly placed. I love that chorus too

Critterz responds:

Thanks so much! This is one of the first songs I posted here, was alot of fun to come back and improve it!

God damn, are you guys capable of writing a bad song? I love that intro and break riff. That tone is crunchy and I'm here for it.

Critterz responds:

Haha Sweet Tea is pretty bad in my opinion! Thanks for that! The crunch is my Bogner Uberschall! I never leave home without it!

First song I'm checking out on the new album. Sorry I was away when you guys released it. I absolutely love this! It's a good change of pace and hits right at home for my younger years. Simple yet elegant. Very well done! Moving on to the next one...

Critterz responds:

Thanks! This one definitely has that scene bad from the early thousands vibes! Glad you liked it!

As always this is awesome!

Critterz responds:

Thanks man! I always appreciate you taking the time to review! I can't wait to hear what you come up with next!

I dig it man. Nice grit without sacrificing any clarity.

EclipseProduction responds:

Thanks dude. I think grit is what I've been missing.

You can do covers of songs on here by the way, it's when you post others music instead of your interpretation of said music that's not allowed. Good work btw

This is a HUGE improvement in terms of impact since your last submissions! Did you end up getting the plug-ins I recommended to you? Or something else? Whatever you did, keep it up, this is killer!

awardwinninggardens responds:

Yap. Thank you up by much. I've bought Ozone to look up for dynamics and stuff. Also started using T-Racks. They got a killer tools to make sound much more juicy and fresh.

So fucking sick. PLEASE expand on this!

EclipseProduction responds:

This one is really tough man!

Guitarist, songwriter, music and arts lover. I respect any form of creative outlet and am constantly striving to better myself at audio production. Also a free VA if you ever need one

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